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Video: Showing the Installation of Ausbrush Machine Compressed Brushwood Panels Using Reinforced Concrete Base, and Brush Roll Top Finish.















 Image:  Machine Compressed Brush Fence with Cedar gate

Image:  Hand Packed Brush Fence with Brush Roll Top Finish


Image:  Machine Compressed Panels with Reinforced Concrete Base and Brush Roll Top Finish


Image:  Brushwood Fencing from Plantation Brush is a Renewable Resource, Low Energy to Make and Locks Away Carbon -  Gardening Show Board



Salisbury Plains, warehouse, brush fencing panel and gate assembly area .... Adelaide, South Australia


Image:  Making up Brush Panel Orders at Ausbrush Salisbury Plain Warehouse


Image:  Brushwood Panels Can be Cut to a Taper to Blend in with Adjoining Fences such as Wrought Iron, Timber Paling and Colorbond Fences or Masonry Walls.


Image:  Arches and Scallops can also be Easily Shaped in Brushwood Fencing Panels Prior to Fitting the Brush Roll Top..

This site contains details, images and video on brushwood fencing products, unique to Ausbrush Panels. 

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New !    For those jobs where additional privacy is required, our 2120mm high, raw brush panels.



Image:  'ABC Gardening Australia Show'  Exhibit,  Adelaide,  March 2009  


Brushwood fencing also known as brush, broom, broombush or brushbox is manufactured from Melaleuca uncinata, an Australian native lignotuber which is found naturally occurring over vast areas of Australia.  Brushwood comprises many different naturally occurring provenances of Melaleuca and the colour of the bark varies from a light grey to black, 'mottly' grey-black and red colourings.

Brushwood is a very hardy plant, salt resistant and grows well on a range of soil types, making it an ideal selection for soil rehabilitation and carbon credit projects. The species grows best in areas where the groundwater table is high and in the higher rainfall areas, although it will survive well in the lower rainfall areas such as the Murray Mallee.  The lifespan of the cut brush when packed in a fencing panel is long, maintenance is low, and it has white ant resistant and thermal qualities.  Brushwood fencing is an environmentally friendly fencing product as it requires little secondary processing or energy use to prepare, is a renewable resource and being cut from a lignotuber can be recut many times from the original bush.  It is used extensively in Western Australia in land rehabilitation products and the plantation industry initiatives are supported by the WA Government and Avon Region authorities.

When you are looking for a natural and effective method to beautify any surrounds or for a landscaping project or privacy fence screen, Ausbrush brushwood fencing panels are the ideal choice.  Brushwood is of natural look and neutral colouring, which blends well with garden beds and man-made structures and in addition brushwood also has noise and thermal attenuation properties, ideal for cutting unwanted road noise and in protecting adjoining plant beds from the hot northerly sun.

Ausbrush brushwood panels are supplied in raw form to contractors and for use in DIY projects using conventional fence framing.  Attractive and easy to install pre-made brushwood finishes such as post roll coverings and roll top sections are also available from Ausbrush. 

Accessories such as 'through fence' letterboxes are also listed.

New product ausbrush'ProtaCoat' for use on brushwood has preservative, antifungal, pest resistant and fire retardant properties.  The coating can be purchased from ausbrush in four litre containers and applied DIY after fence installation.

Typical uses of brushwood include; fences, dividers, privacy fence screens, partitions, service enclosures - (such as rubbish, / trash, pool pump, golf course service yards, car park enclosures), windbreaks, temporary event screening, tourist resort screening, screening of building extensions and service yards, thatch hut roofing and pergola and shadehouse roofing, patio and swimming pool surrounds, water features, equestrian horse jumps, aviaries, bird feeders, topiary (emus and kangaroos), garden borders and as a replacement for wood fencing, bamboo fencing, picket fencing, pvc fencing, iron and colorbond fencing.  It is also very versatile in that it can be used on sloping sites and can be tapered, scalloped and blended into structures (profiled pillars and tree trunks) and cut over uneven bases and walls.

For the past 13 years Ausbrush Panels has been working towards a future involving machine harvested plantation brushwood, machine manufacture of brushwood panels, modular panel installation systems and development of the Australian brushwood fencing and screening products market.  The year 2012 was the landmark year that saw the major proportion of Ausbrush brushwood products derived from plantations rather than natural stands.

This website comprises a product range section, a  projects photogallery,  product ordering and pricing information and instructions and video on installation methods for DIY and contractor use.

Please do not hesitate to contact  Hague Showell  at Ausbrush Panels if you would like to discuss design ideas for your brushwood garden border, swimming pool surrounds, internal divider, brushwood screening, privacy fence screen, replacement of your timber fence, shade house roof or front feature fence etc or would like to order materials for your DIY project.

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Image:  Show Board Summarises the Tough Nature and Easy Installation Attributes of Machine Compressed Brushwood Fencing Panels


Video:  Describing the Attributes of Modular Brush Fencing Panel Systems and the Use of Plantation Brush


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