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- Inline Brushwood Panel Installation         The proprietary ausbrush  "inline" installation system described below is simple, effective and has the same look/finish on both sides of the fence (unlike the "offset" system which has a frame on one side).  The framing method and panel sizing has been designed specifically for efficient contractor use and requires two persons to install.  It provides a strong and rigid structure using commonly available fencing components.  The method accommodates steel capping finishes or a brush rolled top, different fence heights and moderately sloping sites and tapers and can be married to pillars and other structures. 

The raw  brushwood panels are fixed between 40mmNB diameter galvanised steel posts using a 150x150mm concrete base centred.  The panel wires are tensioned around the posts at each end before covering in brush post rolls.   A single top rail only is used and is covered by and secures the brush roll top.  The inline method 'look'  is characterised by post rolls at every post on both sides of the fence.  


The fence below is using 1700mm high x 2300mm wide x 58mm thick panels

While this fence is using 1700mm high x 1800mm wide x 58mm thick panels

For situations demanding an alternative brushwood panel size, framing or finishing method, we would be happy to work through your design with you and endeavour to supply your requirements.

Video Guide

"Inline" Installation


The YouTube video above, comprises 5 clips including:

1. Fixing the Rails

2. Standing the Panels

3. Adjusting the Panel Widths

4. Tensioning the Wires

5. Fitting the Post Rolls

( 6. Fitting the Roll Tops - see video of roll top installation at the roll finishes page )


 Only a top rail, is needed with the "inline" system as the panel wires tension around the posts at each end to secure.  Full lengths of rail 7500mm long x 25mm x 38mm x 1.2mm galvanised steel rail are then fitted to one side of the posts 75mm down from the top measured to the underside of the rail (1625mm to the rail underside, from the top of the concrete base for a 1700mm high brushwood panel ).  For ease of handling and fitting of the rails, a saddle bracket and three 'Tek' screws can be used to fix the saddle/rail to each post, or using clamps, a single 65mm long screw can be used (without saddle) to fix directly through the rail into the post.  When saddles are first fitted, they can be temporarily opened out to locate full lengths of rail prior to fixing as an aid to installation.

The panels and base are then fitted between the posts, with the rail behind the posts and panel.  The top rail is fitted to the opposite side of the fence to that for which access is required for panel installation.

The brushwood panels are seated on the concrete base between the posts and the end panel wires are secured and tensioned off around the posts at each end.

Next the exposed posts are covered in brush post rolls.

The panels are not fixed at the top until the last, when the top roll finish is applied.  Finally the brush roll-top or steel capping is fitted.

Machine made brush rolls are supplied in 1800mm or 2200mm long sections.

Brush rolls can also be fitted by hand in the traditional manner from loose brush supplied in bundles or from panel pieces. - see our Installation DVD for details.    

Brush roll top covers the top rail and wire-ties loop under the top rail and bind the panel and brush roll to the rail thereby securing the panel top as well as the roll.  With the alternative 'colorbond' steel capping finish, the rail is fixed level with the post top and tek screwed directly through to the post (ie no saddle is used).  The capping is then screwed to the rail covering it and the brush panel top.  See this page for video showing how roll tops are fitted.

'Colorbond' Capping Finish

If a timber or steel base rather than concrete or timber is used, it can also be powder-coated or painted (prior to installation).

To get the maximum life out of your ausbrush panels it is advisable to follow our preferred installation methods - see our installation DVD



The heart of the ausbrush "inline" system, the 1700mm high brushwood panels, are 2200mm wide, have a thickness of 48mm or 58mm and weigh around 80kg each.  Eight horizontal wires are used and the close wire clip spacing of around 80mm provides a durable product that is easy to trim to length and height, on-site.  The 1700mm high standard panels' provide finished fencing heights of up to 1800 to 1900mm, depending on the height/type of base and top finish used. Non-standard panel sizes can also be made to order.

(Overall fence heights of up to 2330mm can be achieved using our new 2120mm high raw brush panels with a 200mm high base.  These panels are now available in widths of 2000mm for inline installation.)

With our standard 1700mm high raw brush panels, round section posts, 2400mm long x 50mm outside diameter x 2.3mm wall thickness galvanised steel, are set 550 to 600mm deep in the ground, with post height above ground to match the top line of the brush panels.  (after allowing for the height of the concrete base i.e. usually around 1850mm above ground level for a 1700mm high panel using a 150mm high concrete base).  Great care should be taken in ensuring the top of the base is dead straight, or a series of straight-line segments so that all the brushwood panel wiring will also be straight.  A string line is essential.

Gently sloping fence lines and bases are fine as long as the top line of the base is straight.  The panels can be 'racked' or distorted to a parallelogram shape to accommodate slopes  (by dropping on a hard surface or fixing to the post at one end and pulling the panel down), before tensioning off around the other post.

The wide brush panels may need to be cut to fit between the posts, although factory direct orders can be made to order at the correct width for your specific job.  Panel widths can vary in the inline system from around 1800mm to around 2400mm to match the post spacing.   Round section posts are advised to allow easy tensioning of the brush panel wires.





NEW:  Now available raw panels in heights of up to 2120mm where additional overall fence height is required.  Overall fence heights of around 2330mm using a 200mm high base can be achieved with the new panels which come in 2130mm high and widths of 1100mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

Overall fence height can also be increased by using techniques such as shown in the images below using our standard 1700mm high panels.  For further information on these methods please contact Hague Showell by email on hague@ausbrush.com

Images below courtesy of Davey Brushwood, who use raw panels in  1700x2200x48 and 1700x2000x48mm panel sizes, in their Western Australian installations .

A boxed section timber base using decking boards and mid-span post stubs can be used to raise fence height.  The timber blends in better with the brush than high masonry bases and can be stained or painted in rich natural colours to good effect.








Pictured above, a Western Australian installation using standard 1700mm high panels with additional half panel on top and brush roll flashing to cover the butt join.  With the new 2120mm high panels now available, a similar height and better look can be achieved with simpler installation using a single panel.  Overall fence heights of around 2330mm using a 200mm high base can be achieved with the new panels which are 2120mm high x 2000mm wide.

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