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- For  best pricing in standard pallet quantities -  see our Shopping Carts  for each city at these sites;  Melbourne Perth,  Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston and Darwin.  Note:  Shopping Carts  will open shortly for Perth and Adelaide,  or  contact us at ausbrush  for orders in the mean time.



- For  pricing and supply in custom and small orders -    If you have a DIY project and need to purchase raw panels, or components and finishes in small quantities - see the component listings in the tables below and the product sizes page.  For ordering contact ausbrush sales direct  email - to Hague Showell.




C.  PRODUCTS & INSTALLATION METHODS                                              

Brushwood Panels & Finishes

Ausbrush supplies brushwood panels and finishes in selected sizes to suit specific framing methods and job requirements.  Sizes are subject to freight & handling, location and shipping considerations.   ausbrush approved framing methods, include standard 'inline' and 'offset' installation designs.

The only system components not currently available from ausbrush are the base (concrete, timber or steel) and posts and rails (timber or steel), which should be sourced locally.



If you are wanting information on framing options:

                                                -  the "offset fencing system" go to this page

                                                -  the "inline fencing system"  go to this page

 If you are wanting information on panel sizes available ....   see here

 If you are wanting information on panel coatings and fire retardants  see here







 Heavy Duty Gate Frames


We make  heavy duty powdercoated gate frames for use with our brush panels and conventional post and rail framed fence installations.

Gates are supplied with hinges, latch, striker and handles and come in pedestrian gate and double driveway gate sizes.


If you are wanting information on gates:  see this page

If you need gate sizes available  see here








 Roll Tops, Coatings & Accessories

Brush Roll Top Finishes

Through-Fence Letterbox

Available accessories include, ausbrush brush roll tops, post rolls, and through-fence letterboxes.

ausbrush 'ProtaCoat '  for use on brushwood panels and has preservative, antifungal, pest resistant and fire retardant properties.  The preparation can  be purchased from ausbrush in 3.8 litre containers and applied DIY after fence installation.



Use of the ausbrush preservative coating is recommended for new  brushwood panel installations only, so that the brushwork and panel density are preserved and maintained and maximum fire retardant properties achieved.  The preparation should be re-applied every 5 years in outdoor applications (20 years indoors).  


If you are wanting information on brush roll-top finishes:  see this page

If you need brush roll top sizes available  see here

If you are wanting information on preservative coatings and the other accessories:  see this page







Components needed for the ausbrush "inline" and "offset" framing systems are specified.   These include, brackets, screws and finishes.

If you are wanting information on framing components needed for:

                                                -  the "offset fencing system" go to this table

                                                -  the "inline fencing system"  go to this table














For Direct ausbrush  Materials Purchases              

For best pricing in standard quantities, see our Shopping Carts  for each city at the Prices Page   or contact us direct at ausbrush  for custom orders.


ausbrush 'factory-direct' sales terms are for clear payment in full, prior to shipping.  Payment by EFT, credit card or cheque (to clear) are accepted. 


For Pricing on non standard or mixed pack quantities and small orders of raw brushwood panel product  please Contact us by email for a formal quote including freight to your location (phone 0418 841 889 for general information).   The raw panels ship on extended pallet bases in quantities of up to 20 off 1700mm highx1100mm wide panels per pallet and 20 off 1700mm x 2200mm panels per pallet.   Part pallet quantities can be ordered in stock sizes.   Our panels are made 1700mm and 2120mm in height in highly automated machinery.  Brushwood panels can be cut to a lesser height than 1700mm or 2120mm, either in the factory, or cut to height on-site during installation using a power saw with ripping blade.  Panels can also be easily cut to width on-site.  Panels can be supplied in 48 or 58mm thickness in stock sizes. 

Roll finishes and brush gates are stacked on top of the panels in shipping.  The length of roll top ordered is usually selected based on panel sizes being shipped    eg  2200mm long roll tops ship on 1700mm x 2200mm  panels, 1800mm long roll tops ship on 1700mm x 1100mm panels.

Delivery Times   The Shopping Carts show delivery times for each city for standard pallet quantities.  Most times of the year, standard panel sizes ex stock are available at Adelaide freight terminal within 4 to 5 days of order.  There can be production/supply delays of from 3 to 6 weeks in the immediate pre-Xmas period and sometimes January, due to high demand.

Terms  See the Shopping Cart for your city.  For direct purchases and special orders EFT payment can be made either into our account (account details for transfer are included on our Tax Invoice) -  by bank cheque or by personal cheque to clear.  Clear payment in full is required, prior to all shipments leaving our warehouses.

Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted for internet and telephone orders and the Shopping Carts provide for Paypal purchases.   A 1% charge applies to card transactions.



Brushwood Panel Sizes    The most common sizes we supply in 48 thick panels are 1700mm high x 1100mm wide and 1700mm high x 2200mm wide panels.  The smaller 1100mm wide  panels are sized for ease of installation by 1 person and weigh around 37kg.  The wider brush panels require 2 persons to install and weigh 74 kg for the 2200mm wide panel in 48mm thickness.  We can also supply thicker 58mm panels in 1700mm high x 2400mm wide format.  The average brushwood panel thickness is calculated by dividing a stack of panels by the number of panels in the stack  ie  48mm for our standard panel and 58mm for the thicker panel.  We now have panels available in 2120mm height for situations requiring additional privacy.

Indicative Freight and Local Delivery Costs    See the Shopping Cart for your city for supply of standard pallet quantities inclusive of freight.   Freight prices for small and mixed product orders can vary widely, depending not only on location but also the size and number of panels, brush rolls, gates etc, but also on whether door to door delivery is required and whether offloading is by hand, fork lift or 'tailgater'. 

The Table below lists the freight costs of a single pallet of 20 brushwood panels of size 1700mm high x 1100mm wide (with a stack height of 1300mm), to each of the mainland State capitals.   Our aim is to get product to you as cheaply as possible and where the best option for your location is for you to deal direct with your local carrier, then we will assist you in that course.

Freight to Capital Cities

See the Shopping Cart for your city for supply of standard pallet quantities inclusive of freight.

For custom and small orders indicative freight prices to major centres listed below include door to door delivery for a pallet of 20 off 1700mmx1100mm panels (2.4 cubic metres) comprising 22 metres of fencing weighing approximately 850kg with sufficient roll tops stacked on top and with dimensions of of 1700mm long x 1100mm wide x pallet stack height of 1300mm. These narrow panels can be hand unloaded on site, but require two persons to handle off the courier truck.   Larger panel sizes can be delivered to your door, but a client provided fork lift on-site is recommended to unload if available.

Our main carrier includes 'free' local delivery inside a zone surrounding their terminal in each major city location.   Additional local courier charges are added to the basic freight rate for deliveries outside the 'free' zones.  Our carrier does not offer a price reduction for goods collected by the client from the carriers' terminal instead of door to door delivery. The additional charges apply if hand unloading is required, relating to the time cost of the delay to the courier   i.e. the client still needs to arrange the labour to hand unload.

Freight to Country and Regional Centres

Often the best prices to country centres can be obtained by you from local carriers who have regular 'runs' or backloads from the major cities and who through their contacts can often arrange cost effective freight directly from the Adelaide terminal to your destination.

We are happy to ask our carrier for a quote to your door, or we can supply to the terminal at your nearest capital city for your collection.


Capital City

See the Shopping Cart for your city for special prices including local delivery.

Freight Rate, AUD incl GST and local delivery, per Pallet of 20 Panels with roll tops weighing approx 850kg and overall pallet dimensions of 1750mm long x 1150 wide x 1300mm high x 48mm thick, assumes fork-lift is available at destination to unload. The same freight cost applies if pallet is collected from carrier terminal.  Similar cost for same length of fencing in other panel sizes. Optional Extra, Hand Unload, AUD incl GST per standard pallet, where fork lift not available at destination.  Charge covers courier time delay Client to arrange labour to hand unload - not included.  The 1700x1100mmx48mm standard panels weigh 37kg each and larger sized panels such as the 2200mm to 2400mm wide panels can weigh over 80kg each













$130 (from mid Aug 2012)



Optional / Additional freight cost items;


1.   Insurance

Client to arrange own insurance


2.  Fittings (plates, screws etc) for the 'inline system' may be sent separately by Australia Post, cost of postage, packaging and handling.

P&H if sent via Aust Post.


Prices and fuel levies subject to change without notice.  


For special pricing including local delivery

 see our Shopping Cart  for each city at  the Prices Page   or contact us direct at ausbrush  for orders.


ausbrush 'factory-direct' sales terms are for clear payment in full, prior to shipping.  Payment by EFT, credit card or cheque (to clear) are accepted. 



Phone enquiries are also welcome:

Contact Hague Showell on mobile 0418 841 889 or land line 08 8251 3309 or fax 08 8289 3155.




Standard "Offset" Installation (finished fence 1800 to 1900mm overall height using 1700mm high x 1100mm wide x 58mm thick panels).  See your local supplier for panels and components.  The following minimum order details relate to factory direct sales, where there is no local supply available in your area.

Table A.  Offset System Components

Part Number Image Description Comments/ Quantities Factory Direct Minimum Order POA  ex Adelaide Terminal 
A1 Click on images to enlarge!

brushpanel3a_small.jpg (2019 bytes)

Brush Panels 1100mm wide x 1700mm high x 58 (or 48mm) thick.  Sized for ease of erection and shipping efficiency. Other sizes available to order:

A pallet of 20 standard panels will provide 22 lineal metres of fencing.

Pallet of 20, weighing approx 850 kg with roll tops, approx stack dimensions 1100mm wide x 1700mm long by 1300mm high POA
A1X ausbrush 'ProtaCoat'.  Special coating panels which provides preservative, antifungal, pest resistant and fire retardant properties.

Available in 3.6 litre containers which will coat 5 lineal metres of fence, 2 coats both sides.

Panels are treated after installation on site with spray gun. POA
A2 pallet1a.jpg (171481 bytes)

Click on images to enlarge!

Disposable Pallet 'Chep' pallets are also available but swap must be returned at time of delivery. 1 pallet POA
A3 Pre-Made Brush Post Roll Finish, 1700mm long

Available for standard mid post "two cylinder" rolls and as "three cylinder" end post rolls.

Supplied in 1700mm long sections to provide cover over exposed fence and gate posts.  These are supplied with attaching wires integral to the component, which are tied/fixed to the horizontal panel wires.

They can be trimmed to length for fences shorter than the standard height.

 Alternatively posts can be painted or left exposed.

Wads of brush taken from panels can also be used for post rolls - approx 11 post post rolls can be sourced from one 1100mm wide panel.  A roll of 2.0mm diameter wire is needed to secure if done by this method.


11 brush rolls required to cover 11 posts.

More required if additional posts or gate openings.


Click on images to enlarge!

Pre-Made Brush Roll Top finish, in 1800mm, 2200mm long rolls Factory pre-made brush roll tops are supplied in 1800 and 2200mm long sections and are blendable at the joins.

Usually 1800mm lengths are supplied with the smaller panel sizes to allow stacking on top of the pallet of standard panels.  Where wider 2200mm panels are supplied, 2200mm long roll tops stack well on top of these shipments.

13 off 1800mm long roll long sections are required for 20 standard brush panels

See details of fitting methods see our video here

13 off 1800mm long brush roll top sections required per pallet of 20 panels.





A5 post3a.jpg (124363 bytes)

Click on images to enlarge!

Posts , 2400mm long, square section 50mm x 50mm x 1.6mm wall, galvanised steel 11 posts at 2200 spacings are required for 20 brush panels (assuming no openings).    11 Posts Available from your local steel or hardware supplier
A6 rail2a.jpg (113882 bytes) Rails, 7500mm long, rectangular section, 25mm x 38mm x 1.2mm wall, galvanised steel Six,  7500mm long rails are required for 20 brush modules. 6 Rails Available from your local steel or hardware supplier
A7 railjoiner1a.jpg (105507 bytes) Rail Joiners, 25mm x 38mm Lengths of rail can be joined with these fittings. 4 joiners POA
A8 theeholeplate5a.jpg (126822 bytes) Three Hole Plate, galvanised The plates are fitted two per post to the front face of the posts and secure the top and bottom rails (which fit between the posts). 22 plates POA
A9 hook1a.jpg (109892 bytes) Hooks to Panel Fixing Two hooks secure each of the 20 panels to the bottom rail using tek screws. 40 hooks POA
A10 Click on images to enlarge!

tekscrew12x65a.jpg (91925 bytes)

Tek Screws to Panel Fixing, 12g x 65mm self tapping Two screws per panel used in conjunction with hooks to secure the panels to the bottom rail. 40 screws Available from your local steel or hardware supplier
A11 tekscrew12x20-2a.jpg (151935 bytes) Tek Screws to Frame Fixing, hex head 12g x 20mm self tapping Three screws per  three hole plate used to secure the plate to posts and rails to plate. 66 screws  Available from your local steel or hardware supplier
A12 postcap45a.jpg (119382 bytes) Post Caps, 50mm x 50mm   One per post. 11 caps  POA


Table B   Other Components & Finishes

Part Number Image Description Comments/ Quantities Minimum Order Price    AUD, ex Adelaide Terminal
B1 Click on images to enlarge!

saddle2.jpg (102431 bytes)

Rail Saddles,  25mm x 38mm, galvanised. Used in some situations, where the rails are fixed in full lengths to the rear of the posts  (ie rather than using three hole plates and cutting the rails to fit between the posts.) 8 saddles POA
B2 capping3.jpg (96794 bytes) Steel 'Colorbond' Capping, Top Finish, 2400mm long x 95mm wide x 55mm deep 10 lengths of capping required for 20 brush panel modules.

Used as a top fence finish instead of a brush roll top.  Far easier and cheaper to fit.  Comes in a range of colours.

10 lengths Contact us for supplier details.
B3 BRUSH HEAP BACKGROUND1.jpg (98445 bytes)

Click on images to enlarge!

Brush Bundles, 20kg bundles tied with two strings



 machine made brush roll top sections.





N/A We no longer supply loose bundled brush as pre-made roll tops and post rolls are now available
B4 Modular Pedestrian Gate, 1800mm high x 900mm wide for traditional frame and base fences and 1750mm high x 900mm wide for the pre-framed modular fence installations. Supplied ready to hang, in powdercoated steel channel frame, complete with latch, striker, hinges, handles and brushwork.   POA
B5 Installation DVD;

One hour fifteen minutes.

Presentation shows "inline" and "offset" installation methods using 1100mm wide and 2200mm wide panels and fitting of the brush roll top and post rolls.

Price includes postage and handling.

l $10 each

Prices Subject to change without notice!  All prices in Australian dollars, ex Adelaide Transport Terminal.   Prices include GST of 10%.

Trading Terms:  For standard panel sizes supplied from stock, payment in full is made at the time of ordering and materials are available ex Adelaide terminal within 3 to 5 days.  Payment in full is required prior to shipment from Adelaide Terminal.

Note: During the pre-Xmas period and January, delays of up to 3 to 6 weeks on panels can sometimes be experienced due to high demand and at other times of the year delays can be caused by brush shortages.


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