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 ... for on-site framing of Raw Brushwood Panels

The raw ausbrush  panels comprise machine compressed brushwork held together with 8 pairs of running wires, stapled at appox. 100mm intervals and are made in a range of sizes and thickness to suit both ausbrush designed and proven, insitu steel post and rail framed systems and also in special sizes to suit contractor and handyman requirements.  The "Offset System" and the "Inline System" are two recommended ausbrush systems commonly used..



'OFFSET' System - Installation Guide  

- One person installation   - details and video CLICK HERE

The "offset system" uses narrow brushwood panels 1100mm wide, which fix to a frame behind.  The frame comprises posts, two rails (one top and one bottom) and a base.  The base which seats the brush panel, is offset from the centre line of the posts and the panels run past the posts and fix to the frame behind.  The look is different on both sides of the fence, with continuous brushwork on one side and the frame on the other.  The frame (post and rails) at the rear are either left exposed or painted or covered in brushwood rolls.



 'INLINE' System - Installation Guide  

- Two person installation   - details and video CLICK HERE

The 'Inline system" uses wider brushwood panels (mostly 2200mm wide) which have wires left longer at the ends of the panels for securing and tensioning around the posts at each end and requires a two person install.  The frame has posts and a top rail only plus a base.  The base which seats the brush panel is centred on the posts and the panels fit between the posts.  The finish on both sides of the fence is the same -  ie continuous brushwork with post covering brushwood rolls on both sides of the fence.

New!   raw brushwood panels now available in heights of 2120mm where additional overall screening and privacy is required.  See also techniques for raising overall fence height using our standard 1700mm brush panels here.


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